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Sexual hygiene: hazards and recommendations

Young men and women who consider themselves very experienced in sex sometimes do not know the most elementary rules of sexual hygiene. And such knowledge is simply necessary, especially for those who are prone to frequent partner changes.

sexual hygiene

The topic of sex is very popular and often rises on various thematic portals, despite this, attention is paid much less attention to the aspect of hygiene than to the description of ways to achieve satisfaction.

  1. Taking a shower is rule number one. Young people are more likely to disregard these rules than girls. Although young people who lead an active lifestyle wear tight jeans and underwear, it is especially important to keep the groin area clean by showering a couple of times a day, using an intimate hygiene product.
  2. Use a condom, especially if you have doubts about the purity of a casual partner. To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use products containing Sildenafil Citrate.
  3. Water-based lubricants will help you avoid the risk of mucosal damage by having dry sex. This is especially important to understand, since the damaged area of ​​tissue is an entry point for bacteria and infections.
  4. Don't have sex during your period. An open cervix increases the risk of infection. And just as insufficiently clean partner can be a source of disease for a young man.
  5. Do not have oral sex if you are sick with ARVI, sore throat, have bad teeth or herpes on the lips. Remember that in addition to pleasure, you can “give” infectious diseases to your partner. If you still prefer oral sex, products such as Kamagra Gold will be a good helper.
  6. Thrush. Despite what is considered a female disease, it can also be transmitted to a partner during intercourse, if the girl has not gotten rid of this problem. A man may feel itching and redness of the glans penis.
  7. Anal sex. It is not something out of the ordinary today and is practiced by many couples. It should be remembered that the mucous membrane is inhabited by a large number of intestinal bacteria and sex without a condom is highly undesirable. It is worth neglecting the occupation of vaginal sex immediately after anal sex. For a more stable erection, it is recommended to use Kamini Oral Jelly
  8. Pass a medical examination by PCR. If you want to connect your life with a partner, and have plans to have offspring, taking care of sexual hygiene in time, you will ensure healthy sex for many years to come.