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The main qualities of a good sexual partner

A smart person will say that you can't please everyone, and he will be right, but even in something as individual as sex, there are general principles that will make you a good partner for the majority (or for one person who really matters to you).

So, a good sexual partner: skillful, kind, generous.


  • A skilled partner is willing to learn and try new things.
  • Kind takes care of who he sleeps with, and after sex leaves him/her in a better condition than before.
  • Generous loves to give pleasure, not expecting an instant and symmetrical response.

How to become skillful - learn and ask!

Do not neglect the question - What do you like? When you go to the cinema or to a restaurant, you decide together where and which one, right? Sex should be the same. It is possible before, it is possible in the process, but this conversation must take place. Do not rely only on experience, it is in any case not universal. New does not necessarily mean radical. Sex is such a rich thing that turning it into a routine because of your own laziness is a crime, and there is always a chance that in your search you will stumble upon something that you or your partner turns out to adore. In case you worry too much and need help, you can always make versand pharma viagra from our shop.

How to become kind - be careful!

Let's start with the basics: health and contraception. It is impossible to be kind without thinking about the potential consequences of passion for both oneself and another. A kind partner cares not only about the body of the one with whom he sleeps, but also about his / her emotional comfort. No matter how much you know each other, in front of you is a living person who wants elementary respect for himself. It can be shown in different ways. Be polite. Don't push or manipulate. Don't lie.

How to become generous - don't be selfish!

The bottom line is simple: if your partner wants something terribly and it doesn’t cause you symmetrical delight, but it doesn’t cause disgust either, do it. Your desires will diverge. This is normal, and this is not a reason to deny a person pleasure. So do not hesitate and buy in our wonderful store such successful and excellent working preparations as Kamini Oral Jelly and never worry about your potency.