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Top 5 mistakes men make in sex

Women want to have a perfect body, and men, in turn, try to achieve perfection in techniques. But not everything is so simple and problems usually arise for other reasons.

Speaking of male mistakes, it should be noted that many men enter therapy to improve their sexual skills, sometimes not realizing that the problem is not limited to their skill. Errors are hiding in one of the items listed below.

  1. Wrong understanding of the reasons for the lack of female desire. For men, their body will unmistakably talk about their attractiveness of a woman. Even slight arousal can cause a partial erection. Women are different. First of all, fantasies are associated with arousal, which is why it takes a woman more time to tune in to intimacy. Therefore, you should not immediately take it personally, the partner’s lack of instant desire and take it to heart.
  2. Slow arousal disappoints a man. This point is directly related to the reasons described above. Slow arousal is purely a matter of physiology. But if a woman feels that the man's interest is fading away, this will only further complicate the situation and weaken the desire of the partner. To avoid slow arousal, there is an excellent drug called Viagra super Activ, order it from us at the best prices and conditions.
  3. Too fast transition to the genitals. Men mistakenly believe that genital caresses are the main thing and are sure that women should think the same way. This is mistake. Too fast a transition to genital stimulation, on the contrary, can kill a woman's desire. Given the above, it is better to wait a bit, continuing to caress the entire body of the partner.
  4. Concentrate on an erection. If you care too much about your erection, then you can ruin the whole thing. Trying to focus on delaying the moment of ejaculation can make a woman feel neglected. If the erection, on the contrary, weakens, it is best to return to a new round of caresses. But, and in the case of rapid ejaculation, it is best to tell the partner that the reason for everything is her incredible sexuality and then turn to oral caresses, which are in no way inferior to the classic sexual intercourse.
  5. Stimulates the vagina only. As you know, the clitoris is approximately the same as the head of the penis. And does it make sense to say that vaginal stimulation is not effective? There are always exceptions, but in most cases, it is the clitoris that is the center of pleasure for a woman.

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