Top 5 mistakes women make in sex

Women who encounter problems in sex primarily attribute it to the lack of a perfect body, or, well, to the skills and abilities of porn stars. In fact, it has little to do with reality.

  1. Too subtle hints. Women often believe that men can read minds from a distance. Therefore, they put aside words and actions and resort to the technique of subtle hints, which are sometimes clear only to them. It is better not to rely on telepathy, but to move on to unambiguous touches and words.
  2. Talk more often about your desires. Saying once about your desires and preferences may simply not be enough. In a fit of passion, a man can forget what you said between times half a year ago. Do not be afraid to once again remind about it. It will always be better than guessing, enduring and being offended, thinking that she does not want to please you.
  3. Obsess over the shortcomings of their body. The flow of self-criticism sometimes makes sex faded and insipid. A woman must understand that a man already enjoys the presence of an attractive, naked and desirable woman. Even if there is a problem, try to distract yourself and not think about it. Focus on the pleasure and enjoyment of touch. And think less.
  4. Worry about how to do things right. The main rule to please your partner is to please yourself. Excessive thinking during sex about the correct behavior in bed causes anxiety, which leads to stiffness and anxiety. It's easier to ask a man what he likes and not to waste energy on techniques that are divorced from real use.
  5. Touching uncertainly. A man is turned on by confidence in a woman, including in her touch. And a woman loves to do this as she likes it - excessively gently. Men often complain that their partner avoids touching the genitals, or waiting for a special invitation. Advice - do not pretend to be modest. Do everything passionately! Kiss, wrap your body around a man, touch without hesitation. Show your love and passion in action!

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