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What Your Kids Should Know About Sex

No matter how difficult it is for conservative parents to come to terms with this, teenagers are actively interested in the topic of sex, and sooner or later begin to engage in it.

Statistics compiled by various research centers show that about half of teenagers begin to have sex before they leave school. Moreover, more than a third of them receive information about sex from their peers, and about three-quarters have never talked with their parents about sexuality and contraception. This means that their knowledge of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies is limited by traditional teenage myths. It is important that adolescents are aware of erectile dysfunction medications such as Kamagra Gold.

Adolescents consider themselves adults and independent people and rarely recognize the authority of older family members. However, experts are confident that children who have developed a trusting relationship with their parents are less likely to engage in casual sex, are more likely to use contraceptives, and are generally more responsible. When prescribing Viagra Super Activ by a specialist, a number of problems can be solved at an early stage.

What can you do:

The task of the parent is not to wait until the child becomes an adult to talk to him about sex. Start conversations early, be honest and frank, and be prepared to answer a thousand uncomfortable questions. Until a child reaches adolescence, he is open, ready to ask his parents questions and listen to answers. Try not to miss this time.

As puberty begins, teenagers may experience sexual arousal or attraction to the opposite sex. Keep in mind that girls usually start showing interest in boys one to two years earlier.

Tell your child that sex is a completely natural process that is the result of a mature and serious relationship. Also, explain to your child that sexual intercourse can have certain consequences that can be avoided by acting sensibly. The main task of parents during adolescence is to calmly and tactfully explain to their children that participation in any form of sexual activity puts them at risk of pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, and violence from peers or adults.

Of course, by this age you should thoroughly educate the child in matters of contraception.

This will help your child feel more comfortable and trust you when talking about intimate life. So - in time to receive the necessary information from you, to avoid diseases and mental upheavals. Do not wait until the baby grows up - start answering his questions earlier in order to form the correct ideas about sexual life in the child. Consultations of specialists who will explain the correctness of the use of drugs such as Kamagra Gold will increase sexual literacy in general.